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Pixie Wagner - Werkstatt

My working space, my feel-good-place. Thats where I keep my materials, fabrics and treasures...
All my designs are created here – every single one lovingly created and made by hand. Here is where I meet my clients – I love to fulfill their special wishes, create an outfit according to the way they feel and they would love to dress...

Here is the place where I keep endless meters of fabric, sewing yarn in every colour, antique buttons as well as my collection of rare leather skins, pearls, precious stones and ribbons and just about everything a pixie might find usefull to let it´s imagination run wild!

Pixie Wagner - Kollektion

Pixie Wagner - Material

I mostly find the inspiration for my collections in the materials themselves, by playing around with textures and colours an image comes to my mind which my hands try to capture and make to reality.


Pixie Wagner - Hand Made!