Outfit May 1

Finally we are on with our special "Look of the Week"-Page! This page will feature one special outfit every week, which will be available for a sensational "look of the Week"-Specail Price!!!

But you´ll have to be quick, there will always only be one outfit of the week available, so if  you like it, grab it!


This weeks "Look of the Week" is combined from the following for items:

At first, a lovely, playfull JellyBag-Hoodie Waistcaot,

followed by a beautifully embroidered Bodice Belt,

a "rokkoko"-style FairyDress,

and one of my new favourites, a double layered, wide swinging VictorianSkirt, with a stunning, ruffled flounce!

A true fairytale dream!!!

The usual price for this outfit would be 662 Euro, but for our look of the week special, it´s only 599,-

Price: 599.00 €