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The „fairy fashion 101"

Let me give you a small introduction to my world of fashion before checking out the online shop, hopefully you will find information and inspiration here...

I´m not a strong believer in confection-sizes! I think we all have clothes in our cupboards with labels varying in the sizes from small to large- but strangely they all fit quite the same...

I do believe we never are just an average "Size", we are a little thinner, a little taller, a little wider , we´re not regular- we are unique!

When developing my cuts I try to consider this. So I try to create clothes that will fit most women nicely- this is what I call "onesize"- which means to me, if usually you would buy something in the size 34 up til 42, or s-m-l, my clothes should fit you just fine.

If this is not working for a certain piece, I will give the information in the size description.

The most suiting common description of the style of clothes I make would be "layerlook", which means that several layers of clothing worn in various combinations will create your own personal look, which can easily be changed and altered by the exchange of some of the layers. So you can play with fabrics, colours, structures to create your very own "fairy-fashion-style"

For giving you some extra inspiration, here you can find some ideas of how several items in combination become a "Look".

Just click on the image to speed up the slideshow.

Send me some pictures of your own fairy-fashion-looks, i will putt he on the „fairy friends" page, so you can inspire others with your ideas...i will love to see your way of dressing fariy!